Ensure Delivery Service Success and Pack It Right!

Whether you forgot Aunt Edna’s birthday is in two days or you just found out you need to vacate your property and perform a last minute move, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your stuff makes the journey in one piece.  Not only will these steps bring you peace of mind, they can help your local delivery service make the trek more efficient.



The Box Makes Or Breaks The Deal

One of the most important things to remember is to use sturdy boxes or mailing materials.  If you use a cardboard box that is worn or made of a weaker consistency, that box is more likely to burst or have the bottom give out when filled.  Always make sure the box is larger than the items you are putting into it.  This seems like a common sense tip but some items are tricky and can throw off your perception in how they should be packed.  If you can’t pre-test putting the item in the box, take measurements of the item so you have a better understanding of its size when selecting the container.

For certain items, such as dishes, they make specialty packing containers.  These usually cost a bit more than a regular box but they are usually reinforced and made in a way that fits the item best.



Packing Perfection

Before filling, you should always put a protective layer on the bottom of the box.  Crumpled newspaper, packing peanuts or bubble wrap are the best choices in preventing damage to your items.  Always put the heaviest items inside first and then layer lighter stuff on top.  Put more newspaper, peanuts or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces or even to protect the items from each other.  Make sure it is packed tightly and that there is a final layer on top.  When you seal the box, be sure to use packing tape.  Never use scotch, electrical or masking tape because they will tear easily during a move and provide absolutely no strength to your package.

Although tempting to have fewer boxes, never over pack.  By making the box too heavy you make it harder to carry and increase the chances of you or a delivery man dropping the package or spraining muscles while trying to move it.  You also risk the weight overpowering the material and causing the bottom of the box to give out or the top to burst open.


Labels Are Key

In the case of shipping a package, you want to make sure that you have appropriate shipping labels on the top of the package or that your writing is clearly visible and legible.  Be sure to have a label on the top, side and bottom if possible.

When moving, try and pack your boxes according to room.  For example, kitchen items should be packed together and not sorted amongst bathroom and bedroom boxes.  This makes it much less of a headache for you when you are unpacking by significantly decreasing your scramble to locate particular items in the aftermath of a move.  Also be sure to label your boxes with the room they belong in.  This helps your moving men quickly and efficiently get you moved in.

By doing a few of these steps you are able to make the shipping or moving process easier on yourself.  If you have any concerns about shipping a package, contact your local post office or expedite carrier for more information.  If you are moving or have larger items that need to be picked up off of Craigslist or from a store, you can contact your reliable local delivery service and they will help guide you through the process.



BONUS TIP:  In a pinch you can even use clothes, towels, pillows or stuffed animals to secure your items.

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